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Free or Pro?

🎁   All new users enjoy a 14 day free trial of Inbox When Ready PRO.

The free edition of Inbox When Ready puts a small message in your email signature.

It looks like this:

signature screenshot

You can support my work by proudly displaying the signature message. Or, you can upgrade to Inbox When Ready PRO to permanently disable it.

Inbox When Ready PRO also offers some additional benefits:


  • Show / Hide Inbox button
  • Inbox Autohide
  • Impulse Check
  • Time Budget
  • Scheduled Lockout


  • Show / Hide Inbox button
  • Inbox Autohide
  • Impulse Check
  • Time Budget
  • Scheduled Lockout
  • No Signature
  • Keyboard shortcut
  • Hide Category Tab Notifications
  • Unlimited Email Addresses
  • Priority Support

$4 / month
paid annually

$4 / month
paid annually
(switch to monthly payment)

$5 / month
paid monthly
(choose annual payment and save 20%)

Happiness promise
If you don't love the pro edition, just email me within 60 days and I'll send you a full refund. This refund policy applies to all payments, including renewals.

Many people who use Inbox When Ready feel less stressed and reclaim an hour of focussed work every week that would otherwise be lost to their inbox. With your support, I hope to help many more people realise wins like this.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I pay for this?

If Inbox When Ready helps you reclaim 1 hour per week for focussed work, and your time is worth $35 / hour, the annual PRO subscription pays for itself within two weeks.

The design, development and maintenance of Inbox When Ready represents months of work and a big ongoing commitment. I can't sustain this on a voluntary basis.

A lot of web software is 'free' because it sells your data or shows you ads. Inbox When Ready will never do this.

I have more than one email address. Do I need to purchase more than one license?

No, you only need one license. Inbox When Ready PRO is licensed to you—the person—for use with all of your email addresses.

Can I get a discount?

If your income is less than $3000 / month, you're welcome to use Inbox When Ready PRO free of charge. Please just fill out this form to get your PRO license.

If you earn a higher income and you think the PRO edition is too expensive, you may be undervaluing your time, or just not finding the extension helpful.

Can I buy a license for my team?

Yes! See the teams page.

How can I uninstall the extension?

See these instructions.

Other questions? Send me an email.