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If you'd like to write about Inbox When Ready, I'm glad to help. I'm also available for interview on the subject of email productivity in general.

For enquiries, write to [email protected]. You can expect a response within 24 hours.

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Peter Hartree

Release date:

July 2016
November 2015 (beta)



Inbox When Ready is a Chrome extension that adjusts the Gmail interface to protect your focus and improve your email workflow. It will help you check your inbox with reasonable frequency, batch process your email on a regular schedule and minimise the total time you spend in your inbox.

Inbox When Ready is available free on the Chrome Web Store.

The story

The extension was inspired by BJ Fogg's behaviour model, which predicts that the best way to change behaviour is to optimise triggers and ability. In this context, the desired behaviour is sustained focus when working with email. This is achieved by suppressing a trigger (the visible inbox) and reducing ability (by locking you out of your inbox at times you specify).

The extension is also inspired by the work of Cal Newport and Tristan Harris.